3/13 Annual Faculty Lecture: Laurie Santos

The Evolution of Irrationality: Insights from Primates
Thursday, 3/13/2014. Reception at 6pm, talk begins at 6:30pm

GGLO Space at the Steps, Harbor Steps, 1st Ave & Union St. The Space at the Steps is just down the Harbor Steps from 1st Avenue and Union St. Enter through the door located about 1/4 of the way down the Harbor Steps, in the NE Tower.
Yale alumni and guests, 21+ only. Wine will be served at the reception.
$25; $15 for recent alumni of Yale College or graduate schools (‘09 or later)
$25 per attendee covers our costs. As this is our annual fundraising season, additional donations to YaleSeattle would be greatly appreciated.
Registration via Brown Paper Tickets, coming soon!
Event Details
Where does human irrationality come from? Dr. Santos, the Director of Yale’s Comparative Cognition Laboratory, has tried to answer this question by exploring whether monkeys share human-like irrational biases. She and her students were able to teach a group of capuchin monkeys to use their own form of currency, which allowed them to explore how monkeys make financial decisions in a real market. She has observed that monkeys seem to show some of the same errors as humans, particularly when it comes to risk and money, suggesting that some of our human errors may be evolutionarily quite old.

Dr. Santos has also learned that there are some biases that are unique to humans. In her talk, she’ll discuss one such unique bias: our human tendency to copy the ideas and beliefs of others. She’ll discuss why humans alone are prone to conforming to others, and also what we can do to curb this automatic bias in order to increase creativity and innovation.

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