1/5 Political Climate on campus – with current students and early admits

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When: Thursday, Jan 5, 2017 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: Panama Tea House, piano room, 607 S Main St, Seattle

After last year’s thought-provoking discussion on race on campus,¬†and in response to requests to come together as an alumni community to discuss how we can help strengthen our nation following the election, this year we will host another discussion with current students and early admits to hear about the political climate on campus. We encourage alumni, students, and early admits of all political stripes to attend, and look forward to another open discussion marked by curiosity and community spirit.

Group discussion at 6:30pm, with plenty of time to mingle. Our newest crop of Early Action admitted high school seniors will also be invited.


Bookings are closed for this event.

See who's coming:

  • Amy Nichols '19 (soon to be '20), 1
  • Ryan Bauman '20
  • Thuy Tran '08
  • Christina Pao '20 + Annalisa Pao (jr. in high school/sister)
  • Mona Cao, YC 14
  • Jen Bourey SY '03
  • Vivek Gopalan '21 + 2
  • Aparajita Chauhan '21 + 2
  • Joseph Lachman, 2015
  • Joel Bervell '17
  • Benjamin Symons '15
  • Thomas Weng '15