1/4 Discussion Seminar with Students and Early Admits: Intellectualism and Anti-Intellectualism

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When: Thursday, Jan 4, 2018 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Where: Third Place Design Co-operative, 177 Western Ave W #266, Seattle

This is the third year that we will host a seminar-style discussion with early admits and students home for the holidays. We kicked off 2016 with a discussion of race and dialogue on campus, and in 2017 we reflected on the 2016 presidential election. Both discussions were stimulating and refreshing.

This year, we take a slightly different but related turn, exploring intellectualism itself.  How does society understand intelligence and intellectualism? Are these social definitions accurate? Does the value of “sounding smart” help or hinder our collective thinking? Are spirituality and alternative medicine anti-intellectual values?

Boting (Bo) Zhang JE ’03 will facilitate, as in previous years. The discussion will be free-form and driven by the group. The above questions are just a starting point.

Please consider chipping in some cash towards food and drinks to share!


Bookings are closed for this event.

See who's coming:

  • Peter, 2018
  • Emma Lower
  • Christina Pao, 2020 (Branford!)
  • Thuy Tran, 2008
  • Alicia Kacharia, 2021
  • Helen Ramsby, 1995 + 2
  • Adam Chen
  • Pete Day
  • Darren Carnell '91
  • Elliott Cook
  • Justin Buckley '22 + 1
  • Jason Bausher, DIV '02
  • Rachael Su, 2022 + Léonard Su